Tri Five Classics

Tri Five Classics Association Inc.

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  • To provide a Club for all persons which have Ownership of a Tri Five Classic and also a genuine interest in the preservation and/or restoration and/or modification of all Tri Five Classics
  • The organisation & hosting of the annual GM Day event for the benefit of all our members , all GM owners & the general public
  • Provide expert advice on the preservation and/or restoration and/or modification of Tri Five Classics
  • To conduct club functions and activities in a manner benefiting members of the automotive sport and to encourage a better understanding of the automotive sport as a constructive sport among members of the public, media and government agencies.
  • To create and continue good fellowship and sportsmanship among all members of the club
  • Promote car restoration, organise social events and concourse delegacy meets and provide a forum for expression of ideas and suggestions from Tri Five Classic owners.

Save on Car Insurance

5 Ways To Save on Car Insurance

If you are looking to save money, insurance premiums can be a great place to start. Often, motorists are unaware that they can enjoy a good auto insurance cover at much less than standard market rates. In this article, we look at five ways you can pay less for car insurance.

Safety Features Discounts

Safety features in your car help reduce the risk of accidents and theft. They also reduce injuries and casualties in an accident. Improving your car’s safety features can reduce your premium through safety feature discounts. Examples of safety features include anti-lock brakes, anti-theft tools, airbags, traction control, and electronic stability tools. Daytime running lights are also a favorite of many insurers because they improve your visibility on the road. Although these additions to your car may cost more initially, they will translate to future savings in car insurance premiums.

Customer Loyalty Discounts

If your auto insurance policy is due for renewal, it is a good idea to renew the policy with the same company. You could qualify for customer loyalty discounts that most motorists aren’t even aware of. If you’ve had any changes in your details such as a relocation, marriage or birth, be sure to update these details as they may qualify you for a different premium. Car insurance¬†

No Claim Discounts

Car insurance companies love customers who do not make any claim in a given year as this is how they make profits. There is a special discount that you qualify for in such circumstances known as the no-claim discount. This discount is often cumulative with each consecutive year’s good record. If you pride yourself on being a careful driver who never makes any auto insurance claims, this could be a good avenue for saving money on premiums.

Buy a New Car

Car insurance payments are higher for older vehicles than they are for newer ones. This is because of difference in mileage, wear and tear, and enhanced safety features. If you have been thinking of trading your old vehicle in for a newer one, the lower insurance premiums could be the excuse you need.

Using the above five tips to lower your car insurance premiums ensures you save your hard-earned money while enjoying the extra benefits such as enhanced safety, health, and convenience.

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Perks of Car Insurance

The Many Perks of Car Insurance

Car insurance coverage is 100 percent essential for anyone who drives a vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you only drive your car once a week or once a month, either. You need to make a point to invest in car insurance in advance. Not having car insurance can lead to all sorts of problems and hassles down the line. There are many perks to having car insurance as well. If you’re in the process of trying to find the right car insurance plan, it can help to learn about all of the potential advantages of coverage. These advantages aren’t always obvious and clear to everyone, either.

Car insurance can pay for lawsuit costs. Lawsuits can be extremely time-consuming and costly affairs. If you want to pay for legal fees without concerns or stress, automotive insurance is the answer. Insurance can also pay for professional automotive repair service. If you’re ever involved in a serious car accident, chances are you need to invest in in-depth repair work. Repair work doesn’t usually come cheap.

Car insurance doesn’t only pay for costs that are associated with vehicle accidents. That’s because it can often pay for costs that come about due to other types of unpleasant circumstances and situations. Examples of these are fires and theft. If you experience a car burglary in the middle of the night, automotive insurance may be a significant help to you financially.

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The perks of automotive insurance coverage are plentiful. That’s why you should always be fully aware of them prior to selecting a plan. The more knowledge you have, the better. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be for you to choose an insurance plan that covers all the bases for you. It’s also critical to find out about all of the different kinds of automotive insurance plans that are available to vehicle owners these days. Learn about comprehensive coverage, collision coverage and liability, first and foremost. If you have a good grasp of all of these categories, the insurance coverage selection process should be smooth sailing for you.

Automotive insurance can be helpful in a wide range of ways. It can pay for travel costs for people who experience theft. It can pay for lost wages as well. If you have to attend court for any reason, automotive insurance can ensure that you don’t miss out on any wages due to your absence. That can give you a lot of peace of mind.

If you want to find the perfect insurance plan for your vehicle, it can be a smart idea to use the Internet as an exhaustive resource. There are so many websites that give people access to reliable insurance quotes. You should also think about getting advice from honest and trustworthy people in your life. Great recommendations can be immensely helpful.